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[34], Critical response to the character has been extremely favorable. Castiel obeyed and took Claire as a vessel while smiting the demons holding the family captive. When Anna confronts him about letting Sam out of Bobby Singer's panic room, he betrays her trust and has two angels take her away. He is also made aware that the latter has Mary Winchester and is torturing her before he angrily cuts Lucifer off from telling him more, which clearly caused Castiel to develop a degree of resentment towards Michael. She and the surviving angels must stay in Heaven in order to keep it running, although his news about an archangel, Gabriel, being alive gives them hope as his power could help keep Heaven running. The other angel then leaves, taking Kevin away to safety. Castiel ignores Raphael's pleas by smiling at his fear and kills Raphael in a similar manner he himself was killed two years prior, obtaining his revenge. Castiel met Michael face to face when he arrived at Stull Cemetery to prevent Michael from fighting his brother Lucifer. During the fight, Castiel becomes convinced Lucifer can stop The Darkness just as he claims, and Castiel consents to possession right before Rowena finishes the spell intended to send Lucifer back to his Cage. As an angel, he possesses a number of supernatural abilities, including the ability to kill demons. After returning to the bunker, Gabriel was helped in settling in by Castiel. The mission fails when Anna gets her grace back and escapes them. The Winchesters and Castiel, now working with Rowena and Gabriel, capture Lucifer to use his Archangel grace for the spell, after Gabriel's proves to be insufficient. Castiel manages to summon his power to kill demons and kills all of them, but doing so restores his memories. Castiel is later seen traveling on a bus to an unknown destination with the tablet. Hester and Inias are two angels from Castiel's garrison who appeared in Reading Is Fundamental, with the intention on getting their hands on the newly-designated prophet, Kevin Tran. Despite losing the demon tablet, Castiel was able to regain what was left of his original grace and merge it with "borrowed" grace from Adina, and become a Seraph once again. By this time, Castiel has also rebelled against Heaven and is regretful of turning her over to them but stands against her wish to kill Sam, going so far as to say he will kill her himself if she tries while declaring Sam as his friend. To prepare for the role, Collins read the Book of Revelation. Both angels were shocked to discover that Castiel was alive, since he was thought to have died after he let loose the Leviathans some time ago. He demonstrates this by healing a sick infant that won't stop crying. Anna theorizes Castiel must have angered his superiors, prompting him to be taken back to Heaven. Inias tried to stop her, insisting that there were few angels left, only to be knocked aside. Castiel is able to collect himself in time to return to the bunker and help Dean and the resurrected Mary Winchester find and rescue Sam. Despite being in God's presence for most of the episode, Castiel is not shown to interact with him one-on-one. After he had seemingly completed this task, side-effects of the spell still sent Castiel into fits of blood-thirsty rage, leading him to kill several people. In Absence, Castiel is as devastated by her death as Sam and Dean and travels to Heaven to find her soul for another resurrection. Dean assist him on this task and when they track him, Castiel traps Raphael demanding answers but gets none. In Exodus, Castiel and Gabriel had little interaction but they both told Jack not to trust Lucifer. He later informs Dean that he was stupid for saying "yes" and that he was only trying to help. In "The Man Who Would Be King", it is revealed that Castiel was the one who partially raised Sam from Hell, though due to the complication of the cage it was impossible to retrieve his soul, and that he has made a deal with Crowley in a desperate attempt to win the war. Despite this betrayal, Castiel believed Lucifer's warning of Michael as he saw the fear in his explanation of the latter and didn't hesitate to warn the Winchesters as well. Castiel saves Sam and captures one of the demons, claiming under Naomi's orders that he is searching for the second half of the demon tablet and that the demons are searching for a parchment that will allow them to translate it without a Prophet. In Jack in the Box, Castiel attends Mary's hunter's memorial alongside the other hunters that were her friends and family. Despite what Castiel had did, unleashing the Leviathans after he failed to return them to Purgatory, God ressurects Castiel once again but while God brings him back with his powers intact, for some reason God buried Castiel's memories for some reason but he clearly didn't erase them, as Castiel was able to regain his memories by vanquishing demons. Castiel was surprised at her resurrection by his aunt's hands. Using Castiel, Lucifer is able to reclaim the throne of Hell and briefly takes Heaven. When Lucifer attempted to kill Sam in The Vessel, Castiel fought back to keep the archangel from hurting his friend, but gave control back so Lucifer could time travel and save Dean. Though Castiel was mainly concerned with getting Naomi's help to find Jack, he did seem worried about her. In "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester", Castiel revealed to Dean that his directives are to take orders from Dean himself. Castiel and Dean locate the angel tablet and Castiel has to have Dean get it as it is warded against angels. Castiel and the Winchesters work together to try and find Lucifer, while also working with the prophet Donatello on a spell to free Mary and Jack from Apocalypse World. While waiting, Rachel approaches him about his plans and attacks him. During his travels with the Winchesters, Castiel develops friendships with both men, especially with Dean, who he falls in love with. When Duma tried to stop Castiel from getting to Jack, Castiel openly challenged her on whether or not she actually wanted to try fighting him again. During the talk, it is implied that Metatron genuinely wanted Castiel to live a full life as a human. But since then, you've slaughtered thousands of angels. After discovering that rage allows Lucifer to access some of his powers, the two rogue angels team up together to escape, taking down Dipper together and then fighting side-by-side against four more demons and winning. They were from the same garrison. Subreddit dedicated to the TV show Supernatural on the CW Network, starring Jensen Ackles, Jared … Castiel visibly disapproved of this mindset and by Michael's callous desire to kill God as well as end the world on a whim. She becomes rebellious and holds a fair bit of hatred towards Castiel. In 1901, Ishim convinced Castiel along with a group of other angels that the Seraph Akobel had fathered a Nephilim. Castiel is disgusted by this and intends to stop Lucifer anyway he can. At the end of the third season of Supernatural, main character Dean Winchester is in Hell after being killed by the hellhounds of the demonic antagonist Lilith. Aside from Ishim's position as Castiel's superior in both power and rank, it is not clear what their relationship actually was like. In Funeralia, they meet again and he is surprised but angered to see her alive as he questions her survival. In Bring 'em Back Alive, after Dean returned from Apocalypse World Castiel asked him where Jack and Mary were and was relieved that Michael doesn't have them. [3] Lilith is breaking the 66 seals in order to free Lucifer, and Dean must stop her.[5]. Lucifer escaped this event Castiel searched for him but lost sight of him and collapsed from his injuries. The two sides agree to make a trade. [27] Because series creator Eric Kripke wanted to keep the introduction of angels a secret, the character was described as a demon during auditions. Castiel is nearly caught several times by the angels searching for him and gets a tattoo that will ward him against angels. After he was resurrected following an explosive death at the hands of the Leviathans, Castiel was found, naked and by the lake, by a woman named Daphne. You killed Malachi's man for his Grace. In Heaven, Castiel and Bartholomew were in the same garrison and fought together. Feeling sorry for what he had done, Castiel transfers the problem to himself and is haunted by visions of Lucifer like Sam was. When Gadreel proves resistant to their efforts to expel him, Dean tries to have Castiel possess Sam to let him know of the situation but he can't without Sam's permission, and furthermore has no way to gain it due to Sam’s mind being kept under by Gadreel. Despite this, Lucifer does know of Castiel and sees him as a brother. Castiel appears in flashbacks in the following episode, where he reveals that he fled Dean to keep him safe from the Leviathans and other monsters that are angry at Castiel, but Dean refuses to leave Purgatory without Castiel. During his travels with the Winchesters, Castiel develops friendship… During the celebrations back at the Bunker, the Winchesters inform Castiel that Gabriel died a noble death helping them all escape. How Castiel was treated while used as a vessel is unclear. Alongside Dean and Sam, Castiel listens to Lucifer's declaration that he will destroy God's toys while making the three of them watch, since he finds the act of slaughtering to be "fun". Mary and her sons were shocked by his actions as he states they mean too much to him and he can't afford to let them die. Exclude Ratings Explicit (153) Teen And Up Audiences (111) Mature (71) General Audiences (47) Supernatural's Misha Collins Refutes Spanish Dub of Castiel's Confession to Dean, Confirms 'There Never Was an Alternate Ending' to Episode 18 Read full article Rebecca Iannucci The child seemingly instructs Castiel to become Kelly's new protector, and has somehow convinced Castiel that the child himself is indeed good. Hester wanted an explanation, but soon realized - along with Inias - that Castiel had lost his sanity. He borrows Dean's amulet, as it burns hot in God's presence, and departs. Jimmy demanded Castiel to rescue his family as part of their deal to gain Jimmy's consent. Once Castiel obliterated Raphael, Michael's chances of escaping The Cage seemed to have faded completely. [17] In the fifth-season finale, "Swan Song", Castiel loses faith after Sam fails to overpower Lucifer when he possesses him and suggests they get drunk and wait for the end to come. Rachel, Castiel's lieutenant comes instead and berates the boys for only calling for him when they need something of him, but Castiel arrives himself and sends Rachel away. Castiel tricks Theo into releasing him and steals his Grace, transforming Castiel into an angel once more and at least restoring his powers. Despite Hannah's pleas, Gadreel sets a bomb off on his chest and destroys part of the prison, freeing Castiel and convincing Hannah on who is the real enemy. After being contacted by Dean, Castiel, now wearing a new suit and trench coat and driving a stolen car as he can no longer teleport, returns to the bunker where he comes up with the plan to have Crowley help expel Gadreel from Sam. Castiel had always followed orders to the best of his abilities, believing them to be passed down to him from God. In turn, Rowena pointed Castiel to a book that contained the spell she thought that he would need. However, Castiel believes that he is "already saved" and will not go to sleep, while demanding to be released. When Castiel discovered that Sam's soul was still stuck in the Cage, he is the first and so far the only person to assume that Michael took part in torturing Sam before his soul was retrieved. Apparently back to full power, Castiel helps the Winchesters save Kevin from Crowley – who has been abducting future Prophets to try to find another means of reading the Word of God tablet – and destroy the tablet to prevent Crowley using it, retaining half of the tablet while Crowley flees with the other half. She then attempted to play on his care for the Winchester Family by ending John and Mary's shared Heaven with a snap of her fingers. As shown in Bring 'em Back Alive, even after his departure from Earth that Castiel still holds respect for God as he told Gabriel not to turn his back on his father's work. In an attempt to find the angel's current location, Castiel decided to extract the residue of Gadreel's grace from within Sam, but he chose to abandon this task in favor of sparing Sam, as the grace's removal would revert Sam back to his ill-condition prior to the possession. After learning of the way Duma was twisting Heaven and manipulating Jack, Castiel lost all trust in his sister and openly confronted Duma over her actions in Heaven. Castiel meets Hannah for the last time following the rise of Amara. With this, Michael became disillusioned with God enough to aid Castiel and the Winchesters. However, Metatron later captures him and he sees Naomi's body, he is horrified as Metatron confirmed to Castiel that she was telling the truth. In "Party On, Garth", Dean calls Meg and she reveals that Castiel's in the same condition, which Sam feels guilty about. Although Castiel learns that his stolen grace will kill him eventually, he refuses Metatron's offer to side with him, eventually convincing Gadreel to ally with him in opposing Metatron's attempt to stage a coup of Heaven even as Metatron tricks the other angels into follow him by presenting Castiel as a despot willing to destroy everything to win the war, convincing angels to 'suicide bomb' themselves and claim that Castiel told them to do it. Daphne took this encounter as a word from God and took care of Castiel, now named "Emmanuel", and soon married him. Power drunk but well meaning, he quite possibly becomes the greatest threat that the world has ever known. After Dean becomes Michael's vessel, Castiel sadly sits down as Mary and Bobby approach him, Castiel simply shakes his head in despair, as his reaction lets her know what had happened. However, Fate works to undo the impossible births and begins killing them. Castiel is sent to find the angel tablet and tortures and kills the demons also looking for it, drawing Sam and Dean's attention. Castiel enlists Dean's help and repeatedly wonders where Sam is, unaware that Sam and Dean are currently not getting along. They worked together during the breaking of the 66 seals. He later wondered on how to defeat him, though was not keen on killing Dean in the process like Jack was in Gods and Monsters. Castiel was shocked to learn the truth about the angels being an endangered species from Duma and what they planned to do with Jack if the angels got their hands on him. Castiel escapes and kills Hael then continues to make his way to the bunker, abandoning his usual attire along the way. Their presence does not fall in line with Chuck's Gospel, so the Archangel Raphael begins to descend. The two versions of Castiel encounter each other. However, the experience renders Castiel amnesic, but with his angelic powers intact. The archangel taunts Castiel about his lack of self-worth, noting how he knows this since he was once inside the angel, and proceeds to beat both him and Crowley to the ground. During Beat the Devil, while they journey through Apocalypse World Castiel told Gabriel about Heaven's state and if he ever will return. Lucifer tries to persuade Castiel to work with him by listing things they have in common. After locating him, Castiel gave Lucifer an angry look after the latter was relieved to see him alive. However, when Sam and Dean go to meet him, they instead find Jimmy, Castiel's vessel, who claims to have little memory of his life as a vessel. When Claire gets into trouble, Castiel does all he can to save her, acting like a father to her, though Claire does not wish him to act as such. After traveling through the world and finding the human camp, they meet with Mary who Castiel is happy to see as she surprised to see him and takes them to see Jack. Although his torment has driven him insane, he explains that taking on Sam's pain has helped relieve some of his past burdens. This was not the last of Metatron, as Castiel was driven to retrieve Metatron from his prison in hopes that he knew the cure to the Mark of Cain. The Leviathans will destroy him if they are not released. In reality, his older brother the Archangel Michael was in charge of Heaven due to God's absence. Castiel instead retreats with the brothers after holding Michael off. Over the protests of Castiel, Dean tells Michael that he is his true vessel, and that he will be his vessel and they can defeat Lucifer together if Dean remains in control. After Dean kills Eve, Castiel's powers return and he kills all of her monsters with a blast of white light before transporting the group to the home of the uncle of two young boys who were turned into monsters. Castiel sends Dean to Sam, remaining behind to hold back the archangel and any others who might come. Castiel saves Dean from a demon and tries and fails to convince him to back off. However, when Bartholomew attacks him while his back is turned, Castiel is forced to kill him in self-defense. An encounter with the husband of Hannah's vessel convinces Hannah to abandon her vessel and return to Heaven, leaving Castiel to continue the search alone, but also inspire Castiel to find his own vessel's family. To Castiel's surprise, Bartholomew greeted him warmly, even hugging him, having apparently put aside his former anger at Castiel. Castiel describes himself as "bad luck" and doesn't believe he should be around the Winchesters as a result. After finding the tree, Castiel fought and killed most of the Djnn clan that was guarding the tree and bargained with the survivors, possibly leaving Castiel married to their queen. It can be assumed that Castiel had at least gained a better opinion of Metatron after his redemption, although whether he could forgive Metatron is unknown. Castiel kills her, but is left weakened by a stab wound she managed to inflict on him first. After Dean realized "Ezekiel" was a traitor and needed to be removed from Sam's body, he had Crowley crack into the angel's factory settings, causing Gadreel to reveal his true name. Naomi had actually survived Metatron's attack on her, and had spent the last years recovering. [10] Castiel later returns to the brothers in "Good God Y'All! As he is weakened by the journey, Castiel does not get to meet Mary. Afterwards, she lured him to her by killing innocent humans and revealing she had tampered with his memories before and made him do terrible things, which furthered sickened him. Mary and Bobby return to the Bunker to find Castiel, alone and despondent. [25] Despite becoming very arrogant when he becomes the "new God", Castiel still shows his caring side and ultimately returns the souls to Purgatory and shows remorse for his actions, promising to Dean to find a way to redeem himself in Dean's eyes, showing that he cares about how Dean views him. [28] As well, Collins has said he somewhat based his character around his younger brother, who has something "angelic about him", as he "has this way of, very calmly, just staring into someone's eyes" making one feel "like he can get into your soul. Castiel was angry at this sight and even criticized him for trying to take Jack and leave the rest of them to suffer at Michael's hand. Castiel tells Lucifer that his actions are Castiel "learning from my mistakes.". Mary seems to imply that she's comforted by the fact that her sons at least had Castiel when they didn't have her. There, Samandriel begs for Castiel not to return him to Heaven and tries to warn him that "they" are controlling him. When God did not seem to reply, Castiel appeared to give up. Once there, Castiel expresses regret at having to kill Anna. Gabriel is killed fighting Michael during the evacuation, and Lucifer is purposefully left behind by Sam. While Dean killed the Phoenix, Castiel brought them back before they could gather the ashes so it all appears for nothing and he lacks the power to send them back. Hester proclaimed that Castiel had fallen in every way possible, ever since the day he had rescued Dean from Hell. This effectively eliminated any desire to trap God as Sam allowed God to destroy the spell but Castiel remains determined to find a way to defeat God. After being a special guest star in the seventh and eighth seasons, Collins was upgraded once again to regular cast member status through seasons 9–15. Naomi later comes to Dean. Metatron, on the other hand, wanted to make Castiel the villain of the story, and tried to use various methods to get the angels to turn against Castiel and work for him. Lucifer remains mostly in control afterwards, though he does not seem to prevent Castiel from discovering what is going on outside, as Castiel becomes aware of God's return and God's plan to defeat The Darkness. All he knew was that Metatron had created the tablets and knew all that was written on them, and Metatron used this knowledge to lure Castiel into trusting him. When they meet again, which is after Castiel himself rebelled against Heaven, Lucifer traps him in a ring of Holy Oil. Angry that Castiel attacked his brother, Lucifer obliterates Castiel with a snap of his fingers. Castiel has an idea of what's wrong and decides to read Sam's soul by reaching inside him, and the truth is finally revealed: that Sam has no soul, and it was locked in the cage with Lucifer. Castiel formally met Rowena when Sam gathered the two of them - plus Charlie - to take part in a secret task of freeing Dean from the Mark of Cain. Castiel witnessed Jack destroy Michael and was amazed that the latter was finally dead as well that Jack regained his powers. Convinced of Gadreel's sincerity, Castiel agrees to work with Gadreel in infiltrating Heaven and locating the angel tablet, the source of Metatron's power. Castiel in turn, showed trust and concern for Gabriel too until he discovered that he wasn't real. Dean has the angel secretly possessing Sam heal Castiel and takes him back to the bunker but later asks him to leave when Ezekiel, the angel inside Sam, requests it, potentially threatening Sam’s life if Dean doesn’t comply. He does this as a final act of friendship towards Dean though both admit it doesn't change the fact that they are now enemies. Like her sons, Mary has taken to befriending Castiel, even calling him Cass like they do from time to time. There, they find them dead, having been killed by demons, and Castiel promises to look into Crowley's possible survival to find out for sure if he's dead or not. In The Scar, Castiel goes so far as to call Rowena for magic help to save Laura when his own powers proved to be insufficient. Collins believes Castiel envies Dean's decisiveness and desires to emulate him.[24]. While the plan does work, the cruel sacrifice of his own followers drives Gadreel to acknowledge his own mistake. In the series, Castiel brings Dean Winchester back from Hell and frequently helps him and his brother, Sam, in their battles with various demons and angels along the way. After he saw Heaven's state and learned of its impending destruction, he became even more determined to locate his brother to get him to Heaven. After leaving Crowley to deal with Abaddon, Castiel heals Sam's injuries from the torture and informs him he can finish his healing from the Trials over time as Gadreel did most of the job. In return, Claire saves Castiel from being killed by the rogue angel. [11] He remains on Earth hunting for God, although acquires a cell phone so that the Winchesters can call for his aid when dealing with particularly challenging cases, such as their discovery of the Antichrist or their latest confrontation with the Trickster (who is revealed to be the lost archangel Gabriel). After Castiel rescues Dean from Hell, he realizes he cannot communicate with the human unless he obtains a vessel. At Michael's headquarters, Castiel is detected and confronted by him. He then glances at the three hunters before delivering an ultimatum: to profess their own loyalty and love unto him, or be destroyed. Fanfiction Supernatural Winchester Dean Winchester Sam Winchester Castiel Twin sisters Kelly and Kaida Kline are both innocent women's that get caught up in the deadly world of Supernatural as they both made a terrible mistake of sleeping with the devil, Lucifer himself and his brother, Archangel Michael They both have children. The two became enemies immediately after due to Gadreel's alliance with Metatron. She takes with her a birthday gift from Castiel, which is a Grumpy Cat toy. After Michael and Lucifer were imprisoned and he was resurrected by God, Castiel sought to help un-brainwash his siblings from Michael's false teachings, but the effort was in vain. Castiel regretted Balthazar's death since he was the last one of his friends and they shared a deep bond. Collins originally read for the part of a demon, as series creator Eric Kripke did not want fans to find out that angels were being introduced to the series. She is shown to still have it in Don't You Forget About Me. The battle ends in God's defeat and when Lucifer attempts to rescue God from Amara's clutches, but is knocked aside and ripped from his vessel. Castiel is found by the neutral angel Muriel who heard his prayer. Castiel felt grief and sadness after hearing from Sam and Dean that Gabriel was killed by Michael but took solace in the fact Gabriel's efforts weren't in vain. The two manage to develop a sense of trust but Jimmy's behavior is met with ridicule by his wife. Unfortunately, Jimmy's fate was sealed from the moment Castiel first spoke to him, as his status as an angel vessel drew demons to his family, leading to the possession of his wife and neighbors, and an attempt on his life. However, Naomi orders Castiel to kill Dean and though he fights it, he has no control over his actions. With no obligations left, Rowena cast the Attack Dog Spell on Castiel, forcing him to viciously attack, and attempt to kill Crowley. At the warehouse, Castiel tells Sam and Dean what symbols to neutralize and where so he can enter and gives Sam his sword so he has a weapon against demons.

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