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Booked it through Kayak, will not be doing THAT again. I am 62 year old semi-fit woman with two bags running the posted "8 minute walk: to that 67th Gate. Les voyageurs qui présentent des symptômes n'auront pas le droit de monter à bord des avions à destination du Canada. Cherchez un vol pour Canada sur KAYAK. They said it will be some snacks for economyXtra, and then 2 hours before the flight sending an email saying that the snakes will be charged! Points négatifs : "my pre-arranged seat was changed without notice. Points négatifs : "Not enough leg room, just not enough space al the way around to be comfortable. And no body answer! Points négatifs : "The plane was late. A completely broken process that could've been avoided with a friendly reminder at check-in. Friendly staff. Merci de vos réponses - Forum - Grèce 2 réponses They waited. Compare millions of flights, as well as car rental and hotels worldwide - for free! Le billet d’avion le moins cher trouvé pour cet itinéraire dans les dernières 72 heures est à 99 €. L'exemption sera validée pour chaque entrée au Canada.Tous les voyageurs sur les vols à destination du Canada doivent avoir un masque facial. Points négatifs : "The plane was an old Airbus 310 with no entertainment systems in the seat backs. Then I was supposed to catch my connecting flgiht at Gate A67 ... that is the 67th gate of 68 gates at this terminal. ", Points positifs : "great service from start to finish would use again", Points positifs : "everything" :) We will fly again with Lufthansa!" 2- Prévoyez qu'avec un vol pour Paris au départ de Montréal le jour 8, par exemple, vous arriverez en France le jour 9. Comparez toutes les compagnies et réservez votre vol pas cher avec Points négatifs : "Small seats", Points positifs : "Super new and clean planes. Boarding was easy and smooth" Had to pay for food but it was quite good so I didn't mind. Réservez vite votre billet d'avion Paris - Montréal avec Corsair au meilleur prix. I will never fly air transat again unless absolutely necessary. Clean interior, polite crew", Points positifs : "Good service. ", Points négatifs : "Pressed the service bell mutiple over 30 minutes, no one came. Due to weather, the flight was unable to land in Montreal, and had to be diverted to Plattsburgh, NY. Points négatifs : "Everything was pleasant....I wouldn’t change anything. Seats were very small and cramped, with very little room. Veuillez vérifier les conditions sur le site de réservation. Les ressortissants étrangers voyageant sans autorisation écrite préalable d'exemption d'une restriction à la frontière peuvent se voir refuser l'entrée au Canada.Les voyageurs doivent avoir un plan de mise en quarantaine pendant 14 jours à leur arrivée au Canada (y compris un lieu de quarantaine convenable, comment se rendre à leur destination, faire leurs courses et accéder aux services essentiels et aux soins médicaux). Speedy boarding. (This is better than the planes that were diverted to Ottawa that day.) i am happy to walk it when I was not time pressured but in situations like this one... running could cause someone in poorer health a heart attack. Il est 6:00 heures plus tard à Paris, France qu'à Montréal, Canada I was uncomfortably warm for the entire 9hr flight. ", Points négatifs : "No complaints. They always have a great attitude and this has been consistent with my previous experiences with Lufthansa. No by the phone, no body on the airport, no body on Facebook, I can't by the web. Points négatifs : "Would prefer flying with partner United though. Les membres de la famille élargie d'un ressortissant ou d'un résident permanent du Canada doivent voyager pour être avec le résident national ou permanent, avoir l'intention de rester au Canada pendant 15 jours ou plus et avoir une autorisation écrite d'Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada (IRCC).Exigences d'entréeLes ressortissants étrangers voyageant au Canada pour une raison humanitaire doivent obtenir une autorisation de l'Agence de la santé publique du Canada. Points négatifs : "it was great", Points positifs : "Seat was comfortable as I had the exit row" ", Points positifs : "On time,I could charge my mobile" ", Points positifs : "Entertainment, movies etc." The plane was delayed an hour we have no idea why. 501 € ttc. Points négatifs : "Knowing that the incoming was late ground crew could have been better prepared with a motorised transport in the airport (instead of me running out of my breadth). Everyone else had to pay for these items on flight (if they wanted them). More than 9 and up to 40 people travelling together can book as a group. Upon arrival I was told I had 30mins until my connecting flight took off, stressed, tired and emotional I rushed through the airport and asked a member of staff to help me. ", Points positifs : "on time no hassle" I was with ~50 other passengers trying to get to Toronto, and the agents had no idea what to do. Boarding was quiet fast and almost with timetable. ", Points positifs : "The flight crews were polite. Terms and conditions of the World Elite Companion Voucher are established by WestJet and WestJet reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time. Combien d'heures d'avion pour faire Paris Corfou. (français), Canada One of the flights was delayed 2 hrs & then didn't take off for 40 mins after the two hours because boarding wasn't started til 10 mins before it was scheduled to takeoff", Points négatifs : "More newer movies and better main course. ", Points positifs : "Pleasant crew. Trajets aériens similaires : YFR → ORY, YFR → LBG, YFR → ORY, YFR → ORY, YFR → LBG Relèvement: 43,40° (NE) Even got to use lounge and fast-track security lane at Heathrow." People were uncomfortable having to stand in the bus for so long. Aviation Le Rayon D'or Avion Lioré Et Olivier Paris Londres En 2 Heures : $5. Then we could not get clearnance to land in Toronto... and so... we were delayed going to Toronto to... and $30 in parking later... my son got me home. Points négatifs : "Cramped seat", Points positifs : "Great, smooth flight and landing! Avec KAYAK comparez aussi les offres de dernière minute pour des vols Paris - Canada. Flight attendants provided excellent customer service." I was financially compensated for being put on standby because of over sold tickets resulting in my return flight being changed to the next day." Totally confusing and frustrating! This man was helpful he took me past the while queue and took me to the check in desk and told me I would be served asap. ", Points positifs : "We were upgraded to premium economy for free at check-in. It is stressful enough traveling for 30+ hours this really is not welcome. The TV didn't work either so was a long flight with little entertainment. Points négatifs : "One of the flight attendants was rude (young brunette Quebecoise). ", Points positifs : "We had a issue at boarding and nobody could help Nobody is in charge, they use this technique to avoid helping anyone. We arrived 30 min ahead of schedule too!" Our 7 year old son spent most of this time desperate for the toilet but we weren't allowed. On the way to Lisbon they had at least some warm meal, skipped now and just got a box with bad, cold food. L'achat des billets d'avion pour se rendre aux USA constitue une part importante du coût total de votre voyage. Points négatifs : "The food is terrible, overcooked watery beefless beef dishes. remaining till my connecting flight to Toronto.I managed to run to the right gate in time. Il est important de comprendre le planning des durées d'un vol Paris Montréal. ", Points positifs : "I liked size of the lavatory ,food" We were later told the baggage crew forgot some of the bags. Points négatifs : "On our flight from Lisbon to Paris Orly the baggage took two hours become it was delivered. Achetez des billets d’avion et trouvez des tarifs réduits, des spéciaux de dernière minute et des soldes de places avec Air Canada. ", Points positifs : "The food was nice and they offer luggage room" I did not sense there was any tumbulence but who knows. Points négatifs : "A better selection of the main meals in business class. As a result, I ended up arriving in Kansas City 6 (six) hours later than originally scheduled, three quarters of the time it took to travel from Paris to Toronto. Points négatifs : "Plane was overly cramped, if you eliminate one set of seats and only had 8 across and less row, I think you would make great improvements to overall customer satisfaction if the seating was mad alittle more comfortable", Points négatifs : "A three and a half hour flight with a fruit juice and not even a pack of peanuts . ", Points positifs : "The flight was very late taking off meaning I had to literally run across the airport at Krakow to make my connecting flight to London Heathrow which was over an hour late arriving at Heathrow Airport. Taxing and bus takes 30min as they do not take bridge :(", Points positifs : "Arrived to Toronto on time. ", Points positifs : "Great crew, food and complimentary wine." There was a very difficult passenger who was very rude to the stewards and I thought they coped really well. Disappointed! Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points positifs : "Good efficient crew!" Les ressortissants étrangers admissibles à voyager au Canada sont les membres de la famille immédiate/élargie d'un citoyen canadien ou d'un résident permanent, une personne autorisée par l'Agence de la santé publique du Canada à se rendre au Canada pour des raisons humanitaires, les travailleurs étrangers temporaires, les étudiants internationaux, les personnes autorisées à devenir résidents permanents, les passagers en transit, les membres des Forces canadiennes, les diplomates accrédités et les membres de leur famille immédiate, les membres d'équipage aérien et maritime, les citoyens français résidant à Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon et ayant séjourné uniquement au Canada, aux États-Unis ou Saint-Pierre et Miquelon pendant les 14 jours précédant le jour où ils cherchent à entrer au Canada. Food was excellent, entertainment system was well stocked, flight attendants were friendly and high energy. ", Points positifs : "The plane was nice." Eastern Time (ET): EST and EDT. WOW air charged for their bottle of water!" This caused a massive headache, the instructions were superbly poor on how to retrieve the luggage, and the process was completely a waste of time. Points négatifs : "flight was delayed at check in and on the tarmac - 40 minutes. Really nice flight smooth and professional", Points positifs : "All" Points négatifs : "for that flight really nothing - great. ", Points positifs : "The staff were friendly and warm. 75014 PARIS FRANCE E. Les durées de vol des destinations les plus demandées : Angleterre Londres 0 h 30 [LON] Canada Montréal 6 h 40 [YUL] Corse Ajaccio 1 h 35 [AJA] Egypte Le … The entertainment was excellent. I was genuinely uneasy and uncomfortable for the whole trip. Points négatifs : "only issue was the fact the online checkin was unavailable to us for some reason which basically left my girlfriend and I sitting in separate rows in between 2 people for 17 hours. Eventually, at 10 pm, they announced that the plane would be leaving at 12:30 am for Toronto. The leg room was so minimal for a woman of 5'6 that when the lovely person in front of me reclined I had no choice but to invade the person next to me. We all just wanted to go to sleep after a long day, I wanted to get to sleep because I faced 4 hours drive home after landing in London. Points négatifs : "On my flight there my built in tablet didn’t work so I didn’t have any entertainment for a long flight. Points négatifs : "On-time performance was so-so, take-off was delayed ~1hr because of connections, had to wait on the runway at the destination airport, had to wait an eternity for my bag. ", Points positifs : "Brand new plane, very smart albeit plasticy and clunky. ", Points positifs : "Nothing, missed the connection" Points négatifs : "Cramped, very poor landing, insufficient information as to how to get to the flight with my luggage. Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed which was out of their control", Points positifs : "Great crew. This meant instead of a train ticket, rather a 55 euro taxi to get home. ... Décalage horaire - 5h en hiver par rapport à Paris - 6h en été par rapport à Paris. Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points positifs : "Food was not available for flight." Get Paris's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. ", Points positifs : "Food was of good quality." Air Canada undermines its brand by flying planes like these. Points négatifs : "Boarding was late and disorganized. My luggage did not reach India. ", Points positifs : "I couldn't take the fly. Points négatifs : "On time departure", Points positifs : "Crew was nice." Belgique Flight delayed", Points positifs : "Everything was OK exept few things" Au cours des 72 dernières heures, le billet d’avion le moins cher pour le Canada de Paris coûtait 104 € pour un aller simple et 207 € pour un aller-retour. And there were no personal airvents to mitigate this problem. ", Points négatifs : "When I picked up my luggage one piece had a broken zipper and my belongings fell out", Points positifs : "The food between Frankfort to Istanbulwas lovely and the staff nicely", Points positifs : "Nice to be on a full service airline for once", Points négatifs : "Poor food on first leg. Points négatifs : "No TV monitors and food was bad", Points négatifs : "The prop aircraft that Air Canada uses for the YYC-YEG route are old and cramped. Supposedly the crew were short staffed but I found them attentive and helpful and to be honest I believe the people who complained may have been a little precious. My 10 year old daughter was the 3rd last served her meal on this flight when only 1 option was left. Points négatifs : "Long flight hours. Not necessarily LOT’s fault", Points négatifs : "Be prepared, that overhead bins for hand luggage are very small on this plane", Points positifs : "New plane with charger available at every seat even in the economy class. Whatever genius who designed the in-flight entertainment controls should be punched in the face. From. ", Points positifs : "Short flight. A few minutes later a lady who I flew with ran over and told me the lady had read my boarding pass wrong and thought I was on the inbound Tel Aviv flight and had wrongly dismissed me, then I was taken to another desk where staff had no clue what time my flight was at even though they had a computer system in front of them. Points négatifs : "Very very disappointed and angered at how our flight was handled after being delayed at no fault of my own my outbound flight was delayed from Dublin we were told our connecting flight would be organized and waiting for us. Points négatifs : "N/A", Points positifs : "Flight from Paris to Warsaw number LO332 - L was delayed and i miss my flight to Gdansk. 2020.Pour en savoir plus sur les restrictions à travers le monde, veuillez consulter notre page sur les restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus (COVID-19). It took me two days instead of one to travel to my last destination. Caused me to miss my connection and here I am having to pay huge for a last minute hotel. Points négatifs : "There were papers and debris from previous flight still on the floor. The food was good and service provided pleasant. I paid $70 dollars for something that didn't get delivered. Points négatifs : "2 hour delay due to mechanical issue sitting on the tarmac. Price conditions. Les membres de la famille immédiate d'un ressortissant ou d'un résident permanent du Canada doivent voyager pour être avec le résident national ou permanent et avoir l'intention de rester au Canada pendant 15 jours ou plus. Points négatifs : "Pleace call 666 394 865", Points positifs : "Horrible service" Points négatifs : "Overall the flight was good but I dont know why the crew was like that, and the flight seats ain't comfortable and were to close to each other. Customer service was terrible. Points négatifs : "Bus transportation to the plane was delayed. Choisissez Air Canada, votée la «Meilleure compagnie aérienne en Amérique du Nord» par Skytrax et Global Traveler Magazine. En général, Air Canada, Air France et Air India proposent le plus de vols pour le Canada. ", Points positifs : "I thought the overall service was very good. Trajet par vol: 6.535,29 km (8h 11min) La distance de vol entre les aéroports les plus proches Canada et Paris est de 6.535,29 km.Le temps de vol sera approximativement de 8h 11min. Points négatifs : "Paris airport is extremely passenger unfriendly. Browse our 100’s of destinations you can jet off to with easyJet, and with thousands of seats at just £19.99, we know we have a deal you will love! I was to learn that no other connection to a Kansas City was available until much later in the afternoon / early evening. There was one Air Transat employee present, but when she saw the group of 50 of us, she hid behind the door to the jetway. A group of very rowdy passengers who showed zero consideration for their fellow passengers and whom the crew did little or nothing to restrain, other than confiscating a bottle of alcohol they carried on board. Disappointed! By the time I got out of the security line i was hearing the ominous " final boarding call for Air Transat Flight 276 to Toronto"!!!! Retrouvez les tarifs de billets d'avion au meilleur prix et horaires des vols de la compagnie Air France. Following government directives, the Musee de la Monnaie de Paris is closing its doors until further notice. Took one hour to get bags due to electrical failure to power baggage handling equipment. I was happy that we landed safely providing bad weather in Toronto that evening. The plane was very old and the crew serving from Paris to Warsaw were not helpful. And we were surprised to get a snack pack on such a short trip. I don't blame Air Transat for this. Modifier les paramètres. Points négatifs : "The staff in Paris were late rude and overall not helpful. COVID-19- Travel regulations & hygiene measures . I explained I lived there permanently ; I was then asked why French hate English so much!!!

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